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1-Gal RX DESTROYER™ Mailback Disposal System (4-Pack)

1-Gal RX DESTROYER™ Mailback Disposal System (4-Pack)

$ 390.00

Prepaid Mail-Back & Disposal System
1-Gal RX DESTROYER™ Case  (4 bottles)

  • Includes 1 case (4) Rx Destroyer 1-Gal Bottles
  • Includes Hardener Packets for 1-Gal Rx Destroyer Case
  • Includes Prepaid Inbound & Outbound Shipping to Licensed Disposal Facility 
  • Disposal Costs Included 
  • Receive Tracking Updates via Email
  • Download and Print Online "Certificate of Destruction" Documents

* Accepts Rx Destroyer Bottles ONLY. All Other Materials Are Prohibited
* Bottles must be solidified with hardener packet prior to shipment. 
* No other Costs or Fees 


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